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Lane's Pro Scan – Digital Conversion of Documents


Are you finding the space in your office is being overtaken by mountains of paperwork?  Are your file cabinets overflowing with documents?  Our document digitalization will free up valuable space and eliminate the worry of misfiled or lost documents.  We have the latest scanning technology and can design a system that is personalized to your business.

Have your records electronically imaged to eliminate time and energy your company currently spends searching for information. By imaging your records, you will find and share information easily but safely.  You will have quick access to all business records and the content will be organized in a logical way. Lane’s helps companies realize the benefits of digital technology without the large and ever-changing investment in hardware, software, and staff.  We customize solutions, specifically meeting your needs using a state-of-the-art Document Management Solution.

  • Provides a detailed audit trail of a document’s activity.
  • Lane's Pro Scan insures that your documents are retained to meet the retention policies set by your company, your industry, or the government.
  • Documents can be saved directly from Microsoft Office applications into Pro Scan. 
  • Multiple levels of encryption and permissions control provide for a secure, centralized Document Management System.
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR) allows Pro Scan to read the text on a document for additional search functionality.  Users can find documents by the index values, the text or a combination of both.
  • We prepare your documents for scanning by removing bindings, staples, etc.
  • We transfer your images to the technology of your choice, CD, DVD,  Flash Drive or External Hard Drive.


Scan-on-Demand is the ultimate in efficiency for clients.  Rather than pulling and delivering a file, the file is pulled, the contents are scanned, and the file is returned to its storage location.  The image of the file can then be accessed via a secure web connection or emailed to the designated authorized end-user. 

Benefits of Lane's Pro Scan

  • Retrieval Times Reduced 30-90%
  • Reduction of Office Space for Storage 50-80%
  • File Integrity & Greater Security
  • Greater Accountability Internally and Externally
  • Improved Conformity to Retention Policies
  • Improved Physical Security

Disaster Recovery – Lane's Pro Scan protect your paper records by creating electronic copies that can be backed up in multiple ways.  This can include off-site data backups and other steps to ensure that a fire, flood, or break-in won’t hinder your business.
Increased Productivity – Document management eliminates the time-consuming and error-prone consequences of handling paper documents by storing documents in a  digital format.  Savings of employee time by eliminating manual document searches. 

Improved Customer Service for all types of client-served businesses by reducing wait times and providing timely assessments for clients.